Lemur Land

Living in Lemur Land are Ring-Tailed, Common Brown and Red Ruffed lemurs.

It is perfect for them with lots of tall bushy trees, and a massive network of thick ropes for them to play on. Several feed tables around the walkways mean you can get close to them, as they are all free roaming.

Make sure you look carefully in the trees as they sometimes can be difficult to spot! If you can't see them keepers are on hand to point them out, and answer any questions you have about these fascinating animals.

Hand wash stations are located at the start/end of the walkway loop along with pram parking. Lemur Land opened in 2007; it can be accessed by the blue footbridge beside the Boat Safari.

Ring-tailed Lemurs

The ring-tails have definitely settled into their new home. You can often see the group sun-bathing together, playing and posing for the odd photograph too.

Common Brown Lemurs

The Common Brown Lemurs are now well settled into Lemur Land. They are enjoying the large trees to climb and don't seem to mind their audience.

Red Ruffed Lemurs

The Red Ruffed Lemurs have been enjoying the attention from the people passing through lemur land. They have become quite accustomed to having people around them.

The EAZA Madagascar Campaign 2006/07 raised money and awareness for Madagascar’s amazing and unique plants and wildlife which are under enormous threat. Lemurs are a species that are unique to Madagascar. Blair Drummond participated in this campaign; and for our involvement and contribution we received a bronze and silver award.