Amur Tiger

Tiger, tiger burning bright! This is possibly one of the most recognisable of all the big cats. But despite their bright orange, black and white stripes, a tiger’s markings are actually designed to blend in and provide camouflage against the light and shade of the forest, so they can creep up really close to their prey.

The Amur or Siberian tiger is a rare sub-species found in the Russian Far East and in certain areas of China. It’s the largest and heaviest living cat in the world, measuring about 10 feet long and weighing as much as three grown men!

You can spot an Amur tiger by its slightly lighter coat, which is longer and thicker around the neck and paws to protect it from the cold Russian climate.

Unfortunately, these beautiful animals are poached for their fur and body parts and are also used in traditional Chinese ‘medicines’. Commercial trade is prohibited by international law, however it still occurs illegally. Logging in Russia has also resulted in a huge loss of tiger habitat.


Scientific name
Panthera tigris altaica
10 to 15 years in the wild, 10 years longer in captivity.
Fast facts
Unlike most cats, tigers love the water.
Each tiger has its own unique striped pattern.
The tiger is the biggest species of the cat family.
A group of tigers is known as an ‘ambush’ or ‘streak’.
Conservation status
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