Clydesdale Horse

Meet the gentle giants of the horse world. Known for their white faces, large feet and impressive silky feathers on their legs, the Clydesdale horse is a type of draft horse traditionally used to pull carts and carriages. Despite their size (often over 17 hands), Clydesdales are surprisingly graceful and have a high stepping gait, which makes them popular as carriage horses. They have longer legs and a more streamlined body than most draught breeds.

Clydesdales are named after the area of Clydesdale in Scotland (now Lanarkshire) where they originate. They are the only living heavy horse from Scotland and are renowned for their nice natures.

Scientific name
Equus ferus (caballus)
Fast facts
A horse with a chestnut coat is called 'Bray'
they are used in the British Household Cavalry
They are known as "the breed that built Australia"
Males can stand as tall as 18 hands
They are descended from Flemish stallions
Conservation status
Least concern
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