Common dwarf mongoose

They may only be small but these lively little creatures have big personalities! A relation of the meerkat, the dwarf mongoose is always busy and curious. Like meerkats, they live in social groups in a network of burrows, with one individual (the alpha male) acting as a lookout for the rest of the group. They will form groups of 2 to 30, which will rotate around the termite mounds of their range, using them as their shelter. 

The female is dominant in mongoose society and usually only her and the alpha male will breed. Unusually, the youngest mongooses are awarded high status in the group. This is probably to ensure that they get sufficient food without having to compete with the adults. The group is very vocal and will make short chirruping sounds and a range of twitters and whistles to communicate with one another. 

Scientific name
Helogale parvule
Up to 8 years
Conservation status
Least concern
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