Fallow Deer

The original Bambi! These attractive spotty deer were first introduced to the UK as a game animal and have thrived ever since. Their distinctive spots are designed to camouflage them in dappled woodland light and their large ears, excellent eyesight and good scenting ability means they are skilled at sensing danger.

Male fallow deer have striking flattened antlers that can measure up to 70 centimetres in height. Males and females tend to live in separate herds and during the mating season (rut) in Autumn, the buck’s distinctive ‘roar’ can often be heard as they defend their ‘harem’ of females by locking antlers in displays of strength. A group of these displaying males is called a ‘lek’.

Scientific name
Dama dama
Fast facts
First introduced to the UK from France in 1066.
A female deer is called a doe and a male, a buck.
Male fallow deer shed their antlers each spring and regrow new ones.
Conservation status
Least concern
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