Greater Kudu

One of the tallest and most striking antelopes, the greater kudu’s distinctive white back stripes are designed to camouflage it in the African bush. If threatened, a kudu will often stand perfectly still so it blends into its background and is difficult to spot. The kudu’s large, sensitive ears also help it to detect any threats.

Rarely aggressive in the wild, the male kudu will only fight with opponents of the same size and age. Their spiralled horns allow them to spar by interlocking with another male. They then proceed to shove and twist until one opponent is knocked off balance. These contests don’t usually end in serious injury, though kudu remains have been found with horns interlocked, where two animals have been unable to separate!

Scientific name
Tragelaphus strepsiceros
Fast facts
One of the tallest and longest horned antelopes.
A male kudu’s horns can spiral up to 6 feet.
A kudu can leap 8 feet in the air with ease.
Conservation status
Least concern
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