Guinea Pigs

These gentle little mammals are popular as pets throughout the world. Like humans, they are very sociable and communicate with each other in their own language – a combination of chirps, chattering and whistles. They tend to get very excited and vocal around feeding time!

Guinea pigs come in a variety and colours and can be long or short haired. They are descended from the wild ‘cavy’ from South America. It’s thought that native people domesticated the cavy and used it as a source of food as far back as 5000 BC! Later, when explorers brought Guinea Pigs back to Europe they became popular as pets.  


Scientific name
Cavia porcellus
4-8 years
Fast facts
Although they love iceberg lettuce, it can be bad for their tummies! Romaine lettuce is a healthier alternative
Guinea Pigs are allergic to chocolate and Aloe Vera
Baby guinea pigs are born covered in fur with their eyes open ready for the world
A male Guinea Pig is called a Boar, and a female is called a Sow
the German word for Guinea Pig is 'Meerschweinchen'. This translates to 'little sea pig'T
Conservation status
Least concern
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