Helmeted Guinea-fowl

Helmeted Guinea-fowl are a large, ground-dwelling bird native to southern Africa. They have a large, round body that has black feathers with white speckles. Their small heads are bright blue and red. 

Guinea-fowl live in groups of around 25 birds and will follow herds of animals and troops of monkeys to forage on the manure and debris left behind them as they travel through forests. They mostly eat seeds and insects; they are renowned for eating pest animals like tics and locusts. As you will notice if you visit them in the park, they are extremely loud animals - using high pitched screeches to communicate with each other. Their loud calling can be a nuisance to local people, especially as the helmeted guinea fowl has become well adapted to living in urban areas.

Scientific name
Numida meleagris
10-15 years
Fast facts
A group of guinea-fowl is called a 'confusion'.
They are closely related to Peacocks!
They are strong fliers
They don't have feathers on their heads
Females will sometimes make communal nests
Conservation status
Least concern
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