Kafue Lechwe

This little antelope is a bit of a water baby! A sub-aquatic antelope, the lechwe is an excellent swimmer and is often found grazing on grasses and plants in shoulder-deep water. If startled, it will completely submerge itself, leaving only a pair of nostrils showing!

The lechwe is native to Botswana, Zambia and Southeast Zaire but the Kafue lechwe is only found in the Kafue flats in Zambia. They are perfectly adapted for life on the floodplain. They have unique, elongated hooves and their legs are covered in a water-repelling substance, making it easier for them to move through deep water. They will often graze in large herds of several hundred.


Scientific name
Kobus leche kafuensis
Fast facts
Males tend to be much darker in colour than females.
Only the males have horns.
The lechwe is also known as a marsh antelope.
Conservation status
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