Patagonian Mara

It might sound like something out of a strange fairytale, but the Patagonian Mara is a long-legged rodent with the body of a deer! Each of their toes is equipped with strong claws for digging, and they can either hop or run like a rabbit, or bounce on all fours like a deer.

Maras mate for life and move around in pairs, with the male fiercely defending his female. Maras also share large burrows where they rear their young communally with other mated pairs. As young will often attempt to steal milk from the nearest available adult, females learn to identify their own young by size, sound and scent.






Scientific name
Dolichotis patagonum
Around 14 years in captivity
Fast facts
Also known as the Patagonian hare or cavy
They have four toes on their front feet, and three on their back feet
The Mara’s long legs are specially adapted for running and jumping
Conservation status
Near threatened
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