Ring-tailed lemur

The sun-worshipers of the lemur world! This most social animal likes nothing more than relaxing in the sun with friends. Unlike many other lemurs, the ring-tailed lemur can often be found sunbathing in a Buddha-like pose – both on the ground and in trees.

The ring-tailed lemur is a bit of an eco-warrior too! Living in groups of between 5 and 25, the females are dominant and lead their groups on foraging expeditions. As the lemurs travel, they help to disperse undigested seeds in their excrement, performing a vital ecological role on their native island of Madagascar.

Their distinctive black and white tails come in handy when foraging as well, as the lead lemur will hold it straight in the air like a flag, ensuring everyone in the group can see them and stay together.

Scientific name
Lemur catta
16 to 27 years.
Fast facts
They are social animals who often sunbathe together.
The word Lemur is Latin and means ‘spirit of the night’.
Females are in charge and have dominance over the males.
Conservation status
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