Saker falcon

The second biggest falcon species, the saker falcon has an impressive wingspan that is much bigger than many other birds of a similar size. They have a wide breeding range, from Eastern Europe to Western China, and will migrate to areas such as India, the Mediterranean, or even parts of Africa over winter.

As with many other falcon species, such as the peregrine and the ger falcon, the females tend to be much larger than the males.  Males will perform spectacular aerial displays while calling loudly in order to court the females!

Popular with falconers due to its exceptional hunting abilities, the saker falcon will hunt mammals such as stoats and hares as well as other birds, and is known to frequently tackle prey larger than itself.  Unfortunately their popularity has contributed to the rapid decline in the wild and they are now listed as an endangered species.

Scientific name
Falco cherrug
Approx. 15-20 years in captivity
Conservation status
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