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Continue our support of a long-term integrated giraffe conservation approach in Uganda.

The Project

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation is an African-based international charity dedicated to securing a future for all giraffe populations in the wild. They are experts in giraffe conservation and implement and support a wide range of giraffe conservation programmes throughout Africa.

The Target

Currently there is one recognised species, and nine subspecies of giraffe in Africa. All subspecies live in geographically distinct areas across Africa and while some of the subspecies have been reported to cross-breed in zoos, there is little evidence that this occurs regularly in the wild.

However, there is increasing evidence to suggest that some of these subspecies may not in fact be different from others, while some might be distinct species in their own right. Over a decade now, the team at GCF has spearheaded a long-term effort to unravel the mystery of giraffe genetics in collaboration with partners and the latest results suggest that there might be four distinct species of giraffe and five subspecies. These results could have significant implications for giraffe conservation in the wild.

Giraffe as a species were recently listed as Vulnerable to extinction on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.


Last year Blair Drummond raised support for developing a National Giraffe Conservation Strategy in Uganda. Uganda has the largest population of endangered Rothschild's giraffes, but with only 1,750 Rothschild’s giraffe remaining in the wild, this number is precariously low. While the recent research suggests that Rothschild’s giraffe might be genetically identical with Nubian giraffe, their combined number of 2,650 makes it critically important to protect these giraffes in order to preserve their genetic lineage.

We would now like to continue our support in Uganda and are raising funding in support of a long-term integrated giraffe conservation approach in Uganda. Our support will help the Uganda Wildlife Authority to implement the National Giraffe Conservation Strategy and Action Plan and support giraffe conservation priorities, such as identifying additional locations to expand the giraffe population in Uganda.

GCF have a strong track-record in giraffe conservation and Uganda will be the third African country to develop a National Giraffe Conservation Strategy and Action Plan after Niger and Kenya. We are hoping to aid GCF in their continued support to the Uganda government.

Where your money goes

Murchison Falls National Park

Project Leader

Ailsa - Large Mammals Keeper

I am passionate about giraffes and have worked with them here at the park for over a decade, dedicated to their care.  A truly amazing species, I am deeply concerned that their numbers in the wild have almost halved in the last decade.  I feel it is extremely important that we raise awareness and support the GCF in their efforts to protect this amazing species from further decline.

Common name
Scientific name
Giraffa camelopardalis
Sub-Saharan Africa
Approx. 25 years in the wild
Fast facts
• Male giraffes fight over females by "necking" - whacking their necks against each other. This can be a fight to the death!
• They only need to drink every few days – most of their water comes from the food they eat
• Calves are about 6 feet tall at birth – they need to be in order to reach their mother for milk!
• Giraffes cool themselves down by releasing heat through their brown spots
Conservation status