OSCAP - Anti Poaching Dog Training

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To protect endangered species of rhino and bring an end to the illegal wildlife trade. To encourage global action by working closely with several rhino groups, government departments and international wildlife agencies.

The Project

Provide training and vital care for sniffer dogs in the TCK9 group. These dogs play an crucial role in the tracking of poachers in South Africa.

The Target

More than 7,000 Rhinos have been poached in the last decade. Although poaching figures are slowly declining, there is still a huge and very real threat to wild rhino populations. OSCAP is small project based in South Africa which works hard to safeguard these magnificent animals from the threat of extinction. Their work varies, from monitoring wild rhino movements, to rescuing rhino calves left orphaned by illegal poaching. One of the lesser known supporting projects of OSCAP is the Tracking and Conservation K9 Group (TCK9 Group).

This specialized group breeds, looks after and trains sniffer dogs. These are then used to track poachers in the area. Sometimes the knowledge alone that sniffer dogs are working in the area can be enough to deter poachers for a short period of time. However, with the draw of rhino’s in the nearby vicinity these poachers undoubtedly return. The sniffer dogs work with experienced handlers who not only track poachers but also follow the trails left by rhinos in the hope of being able to visually monitor individuals and ensure that they are safe and well.

The TCK9’s dogs undergo constant and highly specialized training to ensure they are able to handle the variety of situations they may find themselves in. So far, the project is proving to be a success with one group of dogs (nicknamed the “Kruger 4”) catching over 150 poachers in just 18 months. The funds raised by Blair Drummond Safari Park will be used to help provide the equipment necessary to train these dogs as well as look after their basic welfare needs.

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South Africa

Project Leader

Graeme - Large Mammal Keeper

I work with our white rhinos every day and have developed close bonds with these gentle giants. We worked with OSCAP last year, raising money to purchase cameras for anti-poaching units for rhino protection.  Having worked closely with them before I am eager to work with them again to raise funds for further valuable projects, and work towards eradicating rhino poaching.

Common name
Scientific name
Ceratotherium simum
South Africa
Approx. 40 years in the wild
Fast facts
• The rhino is the most threatened of Africa’s “Big Five” species
• Rhino horns have many uses – to the rhino! They are used for digging, uprooting shrubs, protection, and impressing the opposite sex to name a few
• There are five species of rhino in world – the White, Black, Great one-horned, Sumatran, and Javan rhino
• Throughout Earth’s history there have been many other, now extinct, species of rhino such as the woolly rhinoceros!
Conservation status
Near threatened
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