Where The Wild Things Live

Explore animal survival

Ever wondered where a snowy owl sleeps? Where a lemur lounges? Or perhaps where a red squirrel relaxes? Travel around the globe with us to uncover animal habitats and what they call “home”.

Adaptation, climate and family relationships are discussed. Get the chance to see some of our amazing biofacts up close and personal, and feel what a bears’ thick, warm fur really feels like! The opportunity to discuss what students can do at home to create “animal homes” can be arranged.

Learning Outcomes

  •   To understand what a “habitat” is and how different animals live
  •   To grasp the effect climate has on an animals survival and adaptation

 *Please note - sessions involve no direct contact with animals

Curriculum for Excellence

“I have explored my senses and can discuss their reliability and limitations in responding to the environment.” SCN 1-12b

 “I have participated in decision making and have considered the different options available in order to make decisions.” SOC 1-18a


45 mins
£1.50 per pupil
3 years +


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