Scottish Safari

Uncover Scotland's beautiful beasties!

Explore Scotland’s wildlife in this fun, interactive session in which students will discuss what animals they can see around them at home and at school.

We will compare Scotland landscape to other parts of the globe while discussing climate zones, weather, adaption and conservation. When possible, the session can be taken outdoors – whether at school or in the Safari park – where children have the chance to visualise Scottish habitats.

Learning Outcomes 

  • To be able to identify a minimum of two native Scottish species
  • To understand how climate and weather affect an animals ability to survive
  •  To acknowledge and appreciate Scotland’s unique wildlife and why it is important – and what we can do - to protect it

 *Please note - sessions involve no direct contact with animals

Curriculum for Excellence

“I can consider ways of looking after my school or community and can encourage others to care for their environment." SOC 1-08a

 “By exploring a natural environment different from my own, I can discover how the physical features influence the variety of living things.” SOC 1-13b


45 mins
£1.50 per pupil
4 to 8 years


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01786 843105

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