Animals and Tourism

What place do animals have in tourism today?

Explore the different roles animals play in tourist attractions and businesses across the globe

Blair Drummond Safari Park is considered one of Scotland's top visitor attractions - what does it take to run a business of this stature? Take our tourism workshop where you will assess a case study of Blair Drummond, learn all about ecotourism, and how to be a responsible tourist when travelling abroad.

Included in the session are hands on opportunities to examine confiscated items and 'biofacts' from UK customs. We will discuss how tourist demand is driving the extinction of some endangered species, and what we can do to stop it.

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess Blair Drummond Safari Park as a tourist attraction
  • Understand the factors which affect the success of a tourist attraction in Scotland
  • Understand what is meant by the terms "ecotourism", "wildlife tourism" and "responsible tourism"
  • Be able to critically discuss whether certain activities involving animals in tourism are ethical and responsible

Curriculum for Excellence

"I can evaluate conflicting sources of evidence to sustain a line of argument." SOC 4-01a

"I can identify the possible consequences of an environmental issue and make informed suggestions about ways to manage the impact." SOC 3-08a

 *Please note - sessions involve no direct contact with animals


45 mins
£1.50 per pupil
11 - 18 years


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