Enter the Anthropocene

Humans - a blessing or a curse?

Explore planet earth's response to the human species.

The hominin family (the human lineage) have inhabited the earth for almost 6 million years, but have only started to severely impact the planet in recent centuries. In recognition of the effect our interaction is having on the planet, a new geological age has been entitled "the Anthropocene" - a new era which has seen drastic change in the earth's geology and ecosystems. Modern human (homo sapian) activity has been the dominant influence on these dramatic changes in climate and environment.

Let our Education Officers take you on a journey through time and space to discover the past, present and future of human civilisation.

We'll then put our heads together to try and solve some of the biggest problems the planet faces including global warming, extinction and sustainability. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the history of human civilisations
  • Understand in which ways we depend on the planet to provide for us
  • Understand how humans are exploiting the planet and the consequences of our lifestyles
  • Discuss how we might find a solution for the effects of industrialisation, deforestation, species extinction, sustainability and global warming

Curriculum for Excellence

"I can identify threats facing the main climate zones, including climate change, and analyse how these threats impact on the way of life." SOC 4-12a

"Through investigation, I can explain how changes in learned behaviour due to internal and external stimuli are of benefit to the survival of species." SCN 4-12b

  *Please note - sessions involve no direct contact with animals


30 mins
£1 per pupil
11 - 18 years


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