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Please give us two references. Ideally we are looking for employer references, but if this is not possible, one employer reference and one character reference would be acceptable. The character reference must be someone not related to you who has known you for at least two years.

References will not be taken up without prior consent or until we receive your signed contract of employment.

Additional information
Please add any additional information in support of your application, including any skills and experience you have gained through interests outside the working environment.
Equal opportunities
It is the policy of Blair Drummond Safari Park that all candidates are asked to complete this information; it is the only way to monitor recruitment. All information provided will remain strictly confidential. Reports generated from this information will summarise in broad categories so that individuals cannot be identified. To help monitor the effectiveness of our Equal Opportunities Policy, please tell us the ethnic group to which you belong.
Criminal convictions
Please answer Yes or No to all of the following questions.
including climbing ladders, bending, lifting, and carrying
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Falsification of information contained within this application will result in the termination of any subsequent employment offered by the Company. Information contained in this form may be kept by the Company to aid and evaluate its recruitment procedures. Any offer of employment is subject to receipt of satisfactory references.

Please note:   You will only hear from us if you have been selected for interview.

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