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We support conservation projects all over the world. From big cats and primates to marine mammals, we raise money and awareness of our nominated projects through our fundraising body, Link to the Wild.

2020 has been a very challenging year for many of our charities, who saw their funding drop as the need for their vital work grew. That’s why we’re delighted to announce that, despite being closed for a large portion of the year, our keepers and staff have managed to raise significant funds, bringing our total to £13,750.

This money have been allocated to 9 different projects:

  • The Bulindi Chimpanzee and Community Project – £3750 towards the protection of chimpanzee habitats in Uganda.
  • OSCAP – £1500 to help protect wild rhinos from poaching in South Africa.
  • VulPro – £3000 for the care and protection of wild vultures in Africa.
  • BMAC Macaque Awareness – £1250 to help protect wild barbary macaques in Morocco.
  • Feedback Madagascar – £1500 for work protecting the native species in the Madagascan rainforest.
  • Giraffe Conservation Foundation – £500 to survey wild giraffe populations in Uganda.
  • The Corbett Foundation – £1000 to help monitor Bengal tigers in the Bandhavgarh Reserve in India.
  • Africat – £750 for a tracking collar to monitor and protect a lion pride in Namibia.
  • Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk Seal (MoM) – £500 to protect the critically endangered Monk Seal.

Director of the park, Hector Muir said:

“It’s been a difficult year for everyone, and we’re pleased that we’ve been able to fundraise for these important projects, albeit on a smaller scale than previous years. A big thank you to all our staff and visitors for helping us support this vital work.”


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