Amur Tiger

27 December 2017

We are sad to announce that our Amur tiger Bela passed away on Tuesday 19th December.

 Bela was fifteen years old and had lived at the Safari Park since 2012.   She was under routine veterinary supervision at the time of her death. 

 Vet Colin Scott from Struthers and Scott Veterinary Practice said:

“Bela had been under assessment to determine her well-being with a view to managing her health as she aged.   She was an elderly tiger and although her death had not been anticipated it is not entirely unexpected in a tiger of this age.”

Craig Holmes, Head Tiger Keeper at  Blair Drummond, comments:

“Bela was a great tiger to work with.    Her presence at the Park has helped us to promote awareness of the conservation of Amur Tigers and to support the preservation of endangered tiger populations in the wild.  She will be sadly missed by the staff and visitors at Blair Drummond Safari Park.”

The Amur or Siberian tiger is a rare sub-species found in the Russian Far East and in certain areas of China and is the world’s largest living cats.