Baby boom at the Safari Park

5 July 2019

Four new arrivals to make you go "aww"

It’s baby-boom time at Blair Drummond, as our staff celebrate four new primate births, including two cheeky Barbary Macaques, one little ring-tailed Lemur and a critically-endangered red-ruffed Lemur! 

The tiny new additions are definitely not shy and have already been delighting visitors with their adorable antics. Park Manager Gary Gilmour is very pleased with their progress and hoping for even more births soon:

“The infants are thriving and the proud parents seem to be enjoying the extra attention.

The most recent baby macaque was born just last week, and there’s a possibility there are more to come!”


Dara the macaque and  Phil the Lemur

Our facebook followers have already helped us name one of the male macaques. From all the suggestions, our keepers picked ‘Dara’ as the best fit. The little ring-tailed lemur has also found his name, and is now known as ‘Phil’, after one of our most dedicated long-term volunteers. 

Phil (the human) is a fireman and has been a real asset to Blair Drummond, putting hundreds of hours in helping with the lemurs. He was also part of the crew who attended the park after a fire in 2018. Let’s hope little lemur Phil grows up to be as brave and generous as his hero namesake!


Baby boom at Blair Drummond Safari Park
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