Big Cat Conservation

22 July 2019

Your money making a difference 

From Africa to India, we’re helping to protect big cats in the wild, with your help. As apex predators, big cats are being put under more pressure than ever before. Habitat loss, poaching, trophy hunting and conflict with humans is driving many species to the edge. 

We support two big cat charities here at the park - and every penny raised is helping to protect lion and tiger populations, through education, research and the preservation of habitats.


Africat work with large carnivores in Namibia, educating local communities about the value of lion populations and helping villagers develop strategies for living alongside them. With lion numbers as low as 900 in the area, it’s vital that local farmers have the means to protect their livestock without resorting to hunting and trapping. 

Your money helps fund: Lion guards who work to educate farmers and track lion movements. Materials to help villagers to build protective shelters. GPS tracking collars.

“We are really grateful to people in the UK for helping us. I enjoy my job as a Lion Guard and have been talking with my community to see whether we can set aside some of our community land where the lions and other animals can live.”

Scott, Lion Guard, Africat


The Corbett Foundation 

The Corbett Foundation works in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in India, where dedicated forest guards are protecting one of the most pristine areas of Bengal tiger territory from poachers and illegal logging. One recent challenge is covering the many open irrigation wells in the area, which pose a grave threat to tigers and other wildlife, who can accidentally fall into the water and drown. 

Your money helps fund: Fencing and covers for open wells. The watering of native tree saplings to aid reforestation. Solar powered torches for forest guards. 

“We’re so thankful to the kind visitors of Blair Drummond Safari Park for helping reforestation in Bandhavgarh-Sanjay Corridor in Central India, to secure the future of tigers in Central India. Your generous support is sincerely acknowledged.”

 The Corbett Foundation


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