The Big Spring Clean

17 March 2017

Spring cleaning in the Sea lion department

As Blair Drummond Safari Park gets ready for opening this weekend, the Sea lion keepers have been busy playing their part in the spring clean. However, running the vacuum round the enclosure of the park's four resident sea lions is no straight forward task, so the park enlisted the help of some specialists.

Local diver, Chris Lamb, kindly donated his time to clean and install features to the newly renovated outdoor pool, making sure it was beautifully clean for our sea lions to return. The park have been using a porpoise built underwater vacuum to help ensure their pools remain spotless, which enables the keepers to spend more time with their flippered friends.

Head Keeper Nikki says:

We're delighted to have finished the refurbishment of the outdoor pool. We've designed the space to have smooth surfaces and edges for the animals to do one of their favourite activities, sliding around! We also used a specially durable pool coating, imported from Italy, to darken the pool surfaces, reduce glare and UV reflection. Additionally we've installed a sun shade, which combined with the darkened pool surface and upgrades to the water quality system, is all beneficial for the sea lion's optical health care.We also added several, underwater anchor points which we can attach various enrichment items to. This makes the environment more stimulating for the animals and should encourage additional natural behaviour. We even have immediate plans to install a waterfall for the animals to relax under, which we're all very excited about.

The Sea lions are looking forward to welcoming back the public when the park opens next weekend (March 18th). The Sea lion presentations are one of the most popular attractions and the park are incredibly fond of their four California Sea lions, Bella, Bali, Poppy and Lola.