Bulindi Chimpanzee and Community Project

10 February 2020

Fighting deforestation through community outreach

Part of our Link to the Wild conservation initiative, The Bulindi Chimpanzee and Community Project (BCCP) is one of our longest-running charitable partnerships. The project works to protect highly-threatened chimpanzees living in unprotected habitat alongside rural farmers in Uganda, and to identify ways for humans and chimpanzees to co-exist.

Farming and logging in Western Uganda’s Hoima District means forest habitats are shrinking daily.  The local chimpanzee populations are forced to live on small patches of habitat on agricultural land around villages which, inevitably, brings them into conflict with humans.

BCCP was established in 2014 in response to this situation. Activities focus on supporting local households who share their environment with the chimpanzees, investing in children’s education, tree planting initiatives and improving the quality of life for the local inhabitants. In this way, the project is able to reduce local reliance on the forest, promote the sustainable management of privately-owned sections of forest, and increase local awareness and tolerance of the chimpanzee population. The chimpanzees are also constantly monitored to ensure their ongoing welfare and survival.

Since 2015, we’re very proud to have donated £37,500. Our Head Keeper for Chimpanzees, Alasdair Gillies, says:

"We started funding the project in 2015 when it was still really the seed of an idea. We are still funding the original core project in Bulindi. We pay for the seedlings, the nurseries, the salaries of the core team and the education of the local children whose families participate in the project, some of whom are now in tertiary education. It has been the springboard for the success that the project has now become."

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