Delight at conservation success

19 December 2017

Blair Drummond Safari Park visitors have donated a record-breaking sum of money which will be used to support animal conservation projects around the world.

The Safari Park staff have raised money through ‘Link to the Wild’, an initiative which promotes awareness and raises funds for conservation projects through the donations made by visitors.


Dave Warren, Education Officer at Blair Drummond, comments:

“Link to the Wild is part of a conservation strategy at the Park which provides funds and other resources to in-situ conservation projects around the world.

Visitors to the Safari Park can support our Link to the Wild initiative  by responding to the positive messages and awareness-raising carried out by the education and presentations team, donating funds and showing their support by wearing our Link to the Wild wrist bands. 

The funds raised at the Safari Park allow us to support a wide range of projects, which are voted on by a committee of animal-keeping staff at the Park.  The keepers typically  select smaller projects where a little will go a long way.

All donations go straight into the hands of field ecologists or buy essential equipment needed to fund small projects that conserve vulnerable species. These small, often local activities are a great way of mobilising grass-roots support for conservation and ensuring that everyone’s donation – large or small – really makes a difference.”

The charities chosen to receive funds from our 2017 disbursement  are listed below:


Bulindi Chimpanzee and Community Project - £7500 The project has two main objectives: to provide an income to pay for school tuition fees for children living on land within the remaining forested areas, and to raise tree seedlings. They aim to promote a sustainable coexistence between the Bulindi chimpanzees and the local people who share the landscape with them. (more....)

Outraged South African Citizens Against Poaching (OSCAP) - £2000 To help supply equipment and associated running costs for a rhino ambulance and orphanage. Contribute to the costs involved in rehabilitating injured or orphan rhinos, as well as provide anti-poaching patrols. (more...)

VulPro - £3000 Provide transportation cost for all 20 Cape Vultures bred at the VulPro breeding facility to a release site in the Magaliesberg Mountains, South Africa. (more...)

Barbary Macaque Awareness and Conservation (BMAC) - £2000 Barbary Macaque Awareness and Conservation (BMAC) is a Moroccan Association working to protect the endangered Barbary macaque. Our donation has gone to help Mohamed Chetuan, working in the forest region of Bouchachem (the last stronghold of truly wild macaques in Morocco). He works tirelessly to ensure the macaques live their lives free from disturbances from dogs, poachers and illegal pet trade smugglers. He also liaises closely with shepherds, school groups and the public to lessen the stigma attached to macaques. (more...)

Mauritian Wildlife Foundation – Tortoises £1000 The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation are in the process of re-populating and restoring various islands surrounding Mauritius. We aim to aid in the restoration of Round Island by purchasing a variety of equipment essential for tagging and monitoring wild tortoise behaviour. (more...)

Feedback Madagascar - £2000 We will buy over 600 native trees for the project "Treemad". Through NGO Ny Tanintsika, local people will plant these trees to encourage reforestation across the island, providing much-needed habitats for critically endangered lemurs. Ideally the charity can protect hundreds of hectares of indigenous forest in Madagascar, improving management of natural resources and protecting endangered lemur species. (more...)

Giraffe Conservation Foundation - £2000 The GCF aim to set up a focus group and aid development of research initiatives and assessments of the endangered Rothschild's giraffe. This will involve a country-wide status assessment of Rothschild's, collecting their DNA for analysis, and the identification of their ecological requirements for conservation strategies and future translocation of populations. (more...)

Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit (CRRU) - £3000 Supporting the Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit (CRRU) who monitor, preserve and rescue creatures living in the coastal waters around Scotland (more...)


Scottish Raptor Study Group SRSG - £2000 To purchase ‘Movetec’ bird-tracking systems, an innovative and energy efficient bird-borne method of tracking bird movement which connect to mobile phone networks. This will allow the tracking of goshawks, their home range, their habitat use and dispersal within and beyond the forest, and monitoring of their interaction with farmland and other landscape features. (more...)

The Corbett Foundation - £2500 To provide forest guards with solar lights and means of recharging equipment, enabling them to safely monitor tigers and other indigenous species. (more...)

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