Feedback Madagascar

16 August 2019

Community forest management in Madagascar

Since the 1970s, Madagascar has lost more than 33% of its forest and reported rates of deforestation have risen to 1% annually.  This is having a devastating effect on wildlife, much of which is now endangered or threatened with extinction. 

We've been supporting the charity Feedback Madagascar, working with local people to protect 314,000 hectares of biodiversity-rich rainforest in the Ambositra-Vondroza Forest Corridor.  Last year, we were able to co-ordinate research on a previously unexplored area of forest, allowing the local people to collate and study the data. This was such a success that we'll be putting this year's donation towards the same project.

What's crucial about this work is the local involvement.  Instead of scientists publishing reports thousands of miles away, Feedback Madagascar is empowering local communities to collect and collate data themselves, using images, still and video, word of mouth, local meetings and posters.  

With drones and satellite technology, local communities on the front line of the battle against deforestation can be armed with the information they need to drive change. 

Madagascar's unique forest is the only home to over eleven kinds of lemur, including the black and white ruffed, ring tailed and brownm which can be found at Blair Drummond Safari Park. 

It's also home to the amazing aye-aye and the exceptionally rare golden bamboo lemur, with just 200 animals remaining. 

This year, your donations have helped fund a drop flyover to map parts of the forest and show local people what's really out there, empowering them to protect this precious area."

Jamie Spencer, Director, Feedback Madagascar


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