Flying the flag for endangered bird species

8 August 2019

Help us protect more rare and vulnerable birds

With so many mammalian species now struggling to survive in the modern world, it’s often easy to forget the threat faced by our feathered friends. We work with two main bird charities here at Blair Drummond – protecting critically endangered vultures in Africa and supporting ground-breaking research into Goshawk populations in the UK.



You may not know, but vultures are now the most threatened bird species in the world. Many birds are hunted, poisoned by pesticides and lead fragments from bullets, injured by electricity cables or hit by cars when feeding on road-kill. VulPro is a charity working in South Africa to protect, rehabilitate and re-release vultures.  Your money goes towards: 

• The rescue and retrieval of downed and injured birds

• Purpose-built release enclosures

• Rehabilitation and medical costs

• Monitoring and tracking devices 

• Mapping habitats to better understand vulture behaviour


Scottish Raptor Study Group (SRSG)

Because of its reclusive nature, the Gosshawk is one of the least studied raptor species in the UK. Since 2016, Blair Drummond has been part of a cutting-edge new study, tracking the movements of wild goshawks using state-of-the-art technology. 

From the closest-known nest to the safari park, we’ve followed a number of juveniles to adulthood and subsequently tagged their offspring. Remarkably, one tagged bird travelled way up into the uplands, taking in the Great Glen, Cairngorms National Park, Nairn and Ballater, going as far north as Dallas, near Elgin!

“I’d like to thank all the visitors to the park who have donated to this pioneering project. The project is going well – we are gathering lots of unique data from the satellite tags, producing the most thorough and comprehensive study of goshawks ever undertaken in Scotland.” 

Dave Anderson, SSRG & Forestry Commission Scotland






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