On the front line with Africa’s rhinos

10 August 2019

Joining the fight against rhino poaching

You might be shocked to hear that, on average, African rhinos are being poached at a rate of three per day. For those on the front line of the rhino poaching war, this represents a significant challenge.

The Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA), in partnership with Outraged South African Citizens Against Poaching (OSCAP), are working on the ground to equip rangers with everything they need to protect rhinos from illegal hunting and maintain valuable habitats. 

Funds raised here at the park are being used to buy combat boots and patrol equipment, including binoculars and torches. 

When Alastair Stalker, our in-country contact with both GRAA and OSCAP visited us at the park recently, he stressed how vital it was to continue to develop our relationship with the rangers working on the ground in Africa. During a visit with our own rhinos Tswane, Dot, Bonnie and Graham, he said:

“This year, we’re utilising the funds raised during the Blair Drummond Rhino Week to provide essential equipment to game rangers working to protect a population of black rhino. In previous years, funds have been used to support orphan rhinos, purchase rhino ambulances and train anti-poaching dogs. 

Projects of this magnitude would not be possible without the support of your dedicated team here at the park, and the very generous donations from your visitors.”

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