Getting ready to open

13 March 2017

See what we've been up to in the winter

The cold weather is not putting a freeze on our maintenance and construction work this winter, and it's not just the animals we're improving things for.

We've listened to our visitors comments and made improvements to our disabled and baby changing facilities. We recognised that our disabled amenities were not up to scratch, so this winter we're constructing a building to facilitate the needs of our disabled visitors.

Inside, the building will have a spacious adult changing facility, complete with variable height benches, wash basin and accessibility hoists. There will also be 3 additional baby changing areas in a much more spacious environment.

The outdoor sea lion pool is having some essential repairs. The old render has been replaced making a smoother, non-porous surface which will be kinder to the sealions. The pool is being painted a slightly darker to benefit the sealion's eyes by preventing UV reflection.

We're introducing a better, more environmentally friendly filtration system - reducing the dependence on chlorine. The keepers have also made plans for an expansion of the facility - so watch this space.

We've made further fun improvements to our giant fort. 'Caledonian Play' have added a junior climbing wall inside the fort and larger swings to the play area. The fort is one of the most popular features of the children's play area, we hope to improve it each year.

Hate queuing? So do we! And that's why this winter we've added two new ticket booths to our main entrance.  Our online tickets are back on sale now, these get you through the booths faster,  and we have a better broadband to ensure card transactions are nice and quick!

Did you know tigers will readily go into water? They happily take to water courses in order to bathe, fish and ranger over their large territories. To help facilitate our cats want for water, we've increased the size and depth of the tiger pool for our two tigers, Genghis and Bella, to enjoy.

Our friends at Macree have been extremely busy this winter, they've helped us widen some of the roads and got rid of all our annoying potholes. Smoothly does it round the park when we re-open next weekend - March 18th.

Final touches are being made to the drive through reserve, even the zebra are helping getting the lines painted!