Going The Extra (Ten) Miles

6 June 2014

Our large mammals keeper, Graeme Alexander training for a military style assault course in the park's mud wallows.

Blair Drummond Safari Park is showing its support for large mammals keeper, Graeme Alexander who is participating in the 10mile military style assault course, Tough Mudder on June 15th. Graeme’s aim is to raise £400 for the charity Tusk who currently supports 52 field projects in 17 African countries.

An activity stall will be offering fun activities, games and special events as a way to help Graeme reach his target. There will be great prizes up for grabs including an elephant and rhino experience voucher worth over £100 pounds. Members of staff and a team of friendly volunteers will be setup next to the elephant habitat on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th June, the weekend before Graeme’s big race. As well as working to protect wildlife, Tusk also help to alleviate poverty through sustainable development and education amongst rural communities who live alongside the wildlife. Park manager Gary Gilmore says

“it’s great to see one of our keepers go the extra mile for a charity such as Tusk. To help Graeme prepare for his big race we temporarily turned our reserve into a training course and had him wade across the rhino’s mud wallow.”

You can view pictures of Graeme’s ‘training’ and find out more about the event by visiting the park’s Facebook page or by following them on Twitter.

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