Imprinting Benedict

5 May 2018

Owlet has been making himself at home at a Keeper's house ahead of Safari Park debut

Blair Drummond Safari Park's new European Eagle Owl chick has been staying over at Safari Park Keeper's houses as part of the hand-rearing process.

The fledgling, which has been named Benedict after Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch because of its inquisitive nature, arrived at the Scottish Safari Park in April.  Through the day Benedict has been living in the Bird of Prey Centre within the Safari Park, and at night he's been in the homes of his Keepers.

Bird of Prey Keeper Dominic King explains why:

Imprinting, or hand rearing, is an important process which allows close bonds to form between the Keeper and the chick, and also desensitises the bird to everyday disturbances that may otherwise scare it.

There are three Keepers in the Bird of Prey team and we've been taking it turn about to take Benedict home.

The six-and-a-half week old chick is bow preparing to fly for the first time  and will be making his debut soon at the Safari Park's bird of Prep flying demonstrations.


 bird of prey display


bird of prey display at Blair Drummond Safari Park
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