It’s a Girl!

16 June 2019

Say hello to our latest little monkey, Daisy

Daddy daycare services were in full swing at the macaque enclosure the other day, as we welcomed our newest arrival, Daisy. Just three weeks old in this picture, Daisy is seen cuddling into her Dad Oliver. 

Unlike other types of macaque, male Barbury Macaques are known to share the parenting, spending a significant amount of time their young. Daisy has been a big hit at the enclosure, being doted on my the male members of her family before returning to her Mum Coral for regular feeds. 

When you’re as small as Daisy, the whole world must seem quite overwhelming, but so far she’s coping very well and seems to love the attention. Macaque keeper Lisa Smith is already smitten and very pleased with Daisy’s progress. 

“We’re delighted with our new arrival. She’s only three weeks old so still very little, but is getting more confident and beginning to explore.

We’re hoping she’ll be the first of many, as a number of our females are expecting. If all goes well, Daisy should have some playmates soon. It’s really exciting.”

Welcome to the world Daisy! 


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