Karis, our new lion cub

15 November 2013

It is with great joy we can announce the birth of Karis, born on September 10 to mother Teekay and father Dudley.

Careful! She bites and scratches...

has already won over a lot of hearts. Her big sister Libby was born two years ago and was the last addition to our pride, we are sure she will be incredibly playful with her new sister. Karis will stay with her mother until she is 12 weeks old and they can be returned to the pride, therefore, she will not be on display until 2014.

Head of carnivores, Mr Reid said:

Teekay and Karis have been bonding in the house next door to the main pride, so everyone knows there is a new kid on the block, but we just want to make sure that Karis is a good size before we mix her with the rest of pride.

She was a healthy 5kg today at one month old, and is expected to grow to around 150kg and brings our pride to eight lions in total.

Park manager Gary Gilmour said:

Even though she is a wee cutie, keepers had to use a hessian sack to help with the weigh-in, as even at five weeks old she is a real handful and can still give a nasty scratch.


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