Learning Outside the Classroom Badge

13 June 2018

Blair Drummond Safari Park awarded LOtC quality badge

Blair Drummond Safari Park has been awarded the Learning Outside the Classroom badge for quality, outdoor learning. The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) award the badge nationally on the merit of institutions effective risk management and top-quality educational provision.

LOtC believes that all young people, from infancy to 19 years, should be able to experience the world beyond the classroom. This is an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever the age, ability or circumstance.

The badge allows schools to identify good quality educational sessions during a safe, enjoyable visit. Visiting groups can be assured that the accredited venue has met required standards, including the opportunity to participate in tailored sessions in line with the curriculum.

Education Officer, Katie Macfarlane says:

“We are delighted to gain this accreditation. It illustrates our dedication to providing the best possible educational experience – we have a variety of curriculum based activities, but are happy to adjust and alter all sessions to the needs and requirements of the group.

Learning should be a fun, memorable experience, which is continuous. You’re never too old to book an educational activity at Blair Drummond Safari Park!”

The LOtC Quality Badge is the only nationally recognised indicator of good quality educational provision and effective risk management.

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