Love at first bite!

14 December 2016

Rüppell's griffon vulture breeding project established

We're proud to announce we've established Scotland's first breeding program for critically endangered Rüppells Griffon Vultures.

A collaboration between the ourselves and World Of Wings has resulted in Alex, our 17yr old male Rüppells Griffon Vulture, being joined by a 12 year old female called Gandalf on breeding loan from World of Wings. It has been a life-long ambition of  Neil Davis (Head of Birds at Blair Drummond) to establish Scotlands first Rüppells griffon vulture breeding programme. He says:

I'm fortunate to realise my dream with the support of David Richie and his team at World of Wings, they've been kind enough to loan us of their flagship display bird 'Gandalf'. Hopefully, over the winter these birds will pair up and if we are very lucky, we might have a single egg by the time we open on March. We both understand the importance and value of this conservation initiative, it makes sense we collaborate. We need to build up an insurance population of this phenomenal species as their wild counterparts are suffering immensely. Along with my team, Mark and Callen, we'll be using the young to raise awareness of the plight of wild vultures. They will have a educative role at both facilities as ambassadors to all wild vultures, then at five years old, when the chicks become sexually mature, they will be used in the breeding programme we've established.