Lowering our carbon footprint

25 September 2017

Staff at Blair Drummond Safari Park have taken steps to reduce exhaust emissions by ‘carbon cleaning’ the Keeper vehicles and the Safari Bus.


The popular visitor attraction, which has already been awarded a four star rated Green Tourism Award for its commitment to sustainable tourism practices,  worked with Scottish firm, Carbon Cleaning Scotland, to improve the efficiency of the park’s fleet of vehicles.

The project was led by Dave Warren, Education Officer at Blair Drummond Safari Park, who spotted the smoky trucks moving around the park’s reserves and contacted Carbon Cleaning Scotland for advice.  

“The Keeper’s trucks are only driven short distances, negotiating round the reserves at slow speeds and barely getting out of 2nd gear”, said Dave.   “This driving style results in a build-up of unburnt deposits in the engine and causes increased smoky exhaust fumes.  Carbon Cleaning Scotland came to the park and serviced our Landrovers and Mini Bus to remove the deposits from the engines.  This will result in a significant drop in emissions and restored performance.”


Andy Graham, Head of Carbon Cleaning Scotland said:

“I’ve treated over 1400 vehicles to date so was 100% confident I could make vast improvements to the efficiency of the park’s fleet. I was pleased to receive the phone call from Dave and it was a pleasure to treat their fleet knowing the animals, staff and public would all benefit from not being subject to unnecessary exhaust toxins.”


Brian Reid, the Head Lion Keeper, was first to have his truck to be treated.  He comments:

“My jeep was well known amongst the staff for its smoky idling, it probably travels the shortest daily distance of all the park’s vehicles. I couldn’t believe the difference when I drove it this morning – fantastic job, this can only be a good thing for the animals and environment.” 


Bella the giraffe observes the cleaning process.