Monkey Drive Through Opens Soon

28 March 2015

The macaque drive through reserve is nearly ready...

The finishing touches are being made to our new Macaque drive through enclosure, as the final preparations for the troop to be released approaches.

"Simply opening the doors would be a disaster"

Head Keeper Craig explains.

"Macaques live in very complex social structures. It is important to ensure that the group is running as one before they are introduced to the outdoor enclosure. They have spent a long period of time inside and their social structure was shaken up during this time, so we are in the final stages of introducing them back to each other and getting them happy as a functioning group. The troop need to explore the whole area and get comfortable returning into the house without the added distraction of cars coming through the reserve.

Training our macaques to return to the house, so that they are confident to move around between the house and the enclosure is essential. I Imagine they will show preference in using different areas of the outdoor enclosure, we have designed it to accommodate the needs of their natural wild behaviors and also the hierarchical structure in which they live. There are high domineering areas as well as quiet corners where the subordinates can feel secure.

The drive through will be open as soon as the macaques are settled. We will let you know as soon as it is via our website, facebook page and twitter.