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14 January 2019

A rare Amur tiger arrives at Blair Drummond Safari Park

A young Amur tiger has arrived at Blair Drummond Safari Park after being transferred from Germany.   The new arrival joins four-year-old female tiger, Hope, who has lived at the Stirling-shire Safari Park since March 2018.

The 17 month old male tiger, named Vitali, was born at Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg.   The cub, who is one of a litter of four has taken the move in his stride.

Blair Drummond’s Head Keeper, Brian Reid, comments:    

“We are delighted to have Vitali join us at the Safari Park.  He is a beautiful tiger and has settled well into his new surroundings.

Hope is responding positively to the company of another tiger.  They spend the majority of their time together and Vitali has very quickly adapted to his new routines.”

The Amur tiger is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List.  Blair Drummond Safari Park is a member of an international breeding programme that works towards maintaining a successful and genetically viable population in reputable zoo’s and safari parks throughout Europe.  Vitali’s transfer to Blair Drummond was a recommendation by the co-ordinator of the  European Endangered Species programme.     

Animal Collections Manager Sheila Walker explains more:

“Male tigers usually reach sexual maturity at about 4–5 years old, so it will be a few years before Vitali will be old enough to breed.

Brian has a great team working with him and they spend a lot of time providing enrichment to stimulate natural behaviours." 

Blair Drummond Safari Park reopens to the public on Saturday 23rd March.  Visitors can view Hope and Vitali from the Tiger Viewing Platform and learn more about this species at the daily ‘meet the keeper’ Tiger Talk.

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