Patter of Rhino Toes

15 October 2014

Bruce, our new almighty rhino calf.

We are extremely pleased to announce the patter of tiny rhino toes. Bruce, our beautiful southern white rhino calf was born just after 1am on Sunday morning (12th October). His birth was broadcast around the world on our live stream rhino cam.

Bruce's 630 stone mother, Dot, has a 100% success rate at rearing calves, Bruce is her 4th calf and a vital part of the endangered species breeding programme. Wild white rhino's are currently being poached at rate that will see them extinct by 2026. There are estimated to be fewer than 18,000 remaining in the wild and at least 2 are poached daily to satisfy a ill-founded belief system which uses rhino horn as medicine.

The Southern white rhino is the second heaviest land mammal after the elephant and Bruce, who was born on Sunday, is expected to put on 1.5 stone a week for the next few years. He weighed eight stone at birth.

All photos credit: Andy Milligan. PA WIRE.