Rhino Raffle

25 April 2015

On October 12th 2014, Dot, one of Blair Drummond Safari Park’s resident Southern white rhinos, gave birth to her forth calf. His keepers named him Bruce to commemorate the Battle of Bannockburn’s 700th anniversary. Bruce continues to delight visitors and the park keeps his followers up to date with his progress on their website and social media.

At just two weeks old he weighed a whopping 109.5kg (almost 18 stone) . - a small step to the 2,500kg he is expected to weigh by the time he is ten years old. Unbeknown to the park, Aberdeen based artist, Lesley McKenzie, viewed some photographs of Bruce and felt inspired enough to sculpt the two week old Bruce. Furthermore Lesley has kindly offered her sculpture to the park as a means of generating funds to help conserve wild rhinos.

Blair Drummond Safari Park will hold a Rhino Raffle to be drawn on World Rhino Day (22nd September 2015). It is our aim to raise £20,000 for wild rhino conservation. Tickets are just £2 and will be available to purchase online as well as within the park. Funds generated will be split between Lesley's chosen charity 'OSCAP - Outraged SA Citizens Against Poaching' and Blair Drummond's long term funding partner ' Save the Rhino'.

Save the Rhino funds and organises a massive spectrum of conservation initiatives, their work is better described on their website. But more specifically, our donations have gone to four Kenyan private rhino sanctuaries to help support their canine units which function in poacher scent tracking, protection of the rangers, detection of arms, ammunition and rhino horn at security posts.

OSCAP was started in 2011 as a means to allow its members to have a voice and to pressure Government to take action to ensure the long term survival of wildlife in Africa. As support grew, both in numbers and financially, OSCAP also provide equipment and trained dogs to anti poaching units. OSCAP also own Rhino Ambulances, loaned to hot-spot areas, so that rhino calves caught up in poaching incidents can be recovered and brought to designated safe rehabilitation centres.

1st Prize:

Runners up Prizes:

  • 3 junior meerkat sculptures, they are 20-25cm with a retail price of £95.
  • 2 x 2adult, 2children Membership passes to Blair Drummond Safari Park.
  • 2 x Gold adoptions at Blair Drummond Safari Park.
  • 2 x Rhino encounter at Blair Drummond Safari Park.
  • 2 x Family day passes to Blair Drummond Safari Park and a rhino cuddly toy from our shop.
  • A Save the Rhino cotton bag.
  • Save the Rhino logo t-shirt.
  • Save the Rhino cuddly toy.
  • Save the Rhino pin badge and rhino car sticker.
  • 10 x copies of the book Chizi's Tale