Safari Park contributes to global conservation effort

10 May 2019

Blair Drummond Safari Park fills in the data blanks to tackle global wildlife decline

Blair Drummond Safari Park is one of 1,200 organisations contributing to the world's largest set of wildlife data which is helping conservationists build a picture of our most vulnerable animals.

Scientists may have huge amounts of information about humans at their fingertips but when it comes to wildlife, there are massive gaps.  Take animal survival rates - more than 98% of data is missing for known species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.  Without this, conservationists can only estimate our wildlife populations.

Since 2004 Blair Drummond Safari Park has recorded information about 955 animals across 137 species in ZIMS*, a system used by conservationists in countries around the world. 

And with scientists now turning to ZIMS to help fill in the blanks in their wildlife data, the input from Blair Drummond is helping them understand more about the lives of some of these species.

Sheila Walker, Animal Collections Manager at Blair Drummond says,

"ZIMS not only helps us achieve our conservation goals, it provides missing data that is game-changing in the global effort to save vulnerable wildlife."


*Zoological Information Management System

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