Safari School Is A Roaring Success

17 October 2014

Pilot run for a summer safari school is a big success!

We'd like to congratulate the nine students who graduated from Blair Drummond’s first ever Safari School earlier today. The school is designed to give students aged 12 - 17 years an insight into the day-to-day functioning of a zoological collection. Under the watchful eyes of our keepers and education team, the students were involved in a range of theoretical and practical tasks such as designing enclosures, mucking out, food prep and enriching the lives of our animals.

Students had the rare opportunity to work behind the scenes in our highly commended chimpanzee and elephant habitats, as well as observing training sessions with our birds of prey, sea lions and elephants. The students were also able to shadow our park vet as he treated some of our animals.

The team here at Blair Drummond are incredibly proud of the nine students for surviving the pilot run of Safari School. We would like to pass on our best wishes for all of their future endeavours. After a successful pilot scheme, we plan to launch Safari School in the summer 2015. Information regarding Safari School will be available on our website shortly.