Sticking our neck out for endangered giraffes

8 July 2019

Help us raise another £2000 this year

Many people are unaware that giraffes are currently listed as ‘Vulnerable to Extinction’, with some sub-species even being categorised as ‘Critically Endangered'. In fact, giraffe are currently much more endangered than African elephants. Poached heavily (mainly by snaring) for their body parts, it’s estimated that the current population of mature individuals in Africa is now as low as 68, 293. 

Nubian giraffe are one of the most threatened sub-species. In Uganda, numbers are currently estimated to be below 2,100. That’s why, through our ‘Link to the Wild’ initiative at the park, we’re supporting the work of The Giraffe Conservation Foundation. They’ve been working with the giraffe in this area for over 5 years in collaboration with the Uganda Wildlife Authority, surveying and monitoring numbers, running educational programmes for local communities and translocating animals to increase their range within the country.  

Every time you put some money in a bucket at the park, it goes to one of our conservation programmes. This support is invaluable and, so far, we’ve raised nearly £6000 for giraffe conservation. This year, with your continued help, we hope to raise a further £2,000. This will allow the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to continue their vital work.

One specific project for 2019 includes the translocation of a giraffe population from Murchiston Falls National Park to Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve. This requires a detailed habitat assessment to ensure the giraffe will be happy in their new home, and is a significant logistical challenge. The Foundation has also recently employed a part-time veterinarian in Murchiston Falls to support their de-snaring work. Your money will go directly to help this project, and others like it. 

Stephanie Fennessy, Director of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, says:

“Zoos are important conservation partners for GCF. They don't only help us fund our important work in Africa, but also help us to get the giraffe conservation message out to a wider audience. 

Our Uganda programme is one of our flagship programmes. Working closely with government partners, in this case the Uganda Wildlife Authority, is key for long-term success. Together we can make a difference for Nubian giraffe in Uganda. 

Blair Drummond’s support is helping to make this programme possible. Thank you for sticking your neck out for giraffe conservation in Africa.” 


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