Superheroes and Lemurs

14 August 2017

Find out what happened at our annual Superhero and Lemur Weekend.

It was a double whammy at Blair Drummond Safari Park at the annual Superhero Weekend on 12-13 August, which this year coincided with a celebration of one of the park’s rarest animals – the lemur.

In addition to the VIP party with special guest appearances from Spider-Man and Spider-Girl, park visitors had the opportunity to learn all about the beautiful lemur and spend time with our friends from Feedback Madagascar, a Scottish Charity which works with communities and animals in Madagascar.

Blair Drummond is home to four different types of lemur.  We have groups of Black and White lemurs, Brown lemurs, Red Ruffed lemurs and Ring-tailed lemurs.  All lemurs are native to Madagascar and these beautiful creatures perform a vital role in maintaining the ecology of the island.  Visitors to Blair Drummond have the opportunity to see these animals up close in ‘Lemur Land’, a specially designed enclosure where the lemurs are free to roam.

Superhero Finlay, aged 8, came nose-to-nose with Princess and Angelina, two of our Ring-tailed lemurs during his visit to Lemur Land on Sunday.  

“I saw them being fed and I sat quietly while they came up close”, he said.   “It was fun to see them play and to learn all about them from the Keepers.”