Taking Time for Tigers

2 December 2014

How your donation is being spent

This year visitors to Blair Drummond Safari Park have helped raise £1,412.34 for our friends at 21st Century Tiger.

The money will be spent supporting anti-poaching units in Kerinci Seblat National Park in Sumatra and a Citizen Science project in Malaysia, both areas where wild tigers are under threat from poaching. In Sumatra, the Tiger Protection and Conservation Units react to intelligence gained from a network of informers and undercover operations in addition to Smart Patrolling in areas designated at greatest risk.

In Malaysia the Yu River Corridor is an important area between two tiger habitats. Citizen Action for Tigers (CAT) organise forest treks that both deter poachers and report any suspicious activities to a hotline. These “boots on the ground” supplement the lack of forest guards and engender a feeling of responsibility from local Malaysians taking part.