Time to Explore

18 August 2015

Our new inhabitants go exploring

It seems now is the time for the newest additions to Blair Drummond Safari Park to head out and explore their surroundings. And with the some settle sunny weather on the horizon, now is also a great time to visit the park and spot the new inhabitants. At five weeks old, two meerkat kits join the rest of the 'mob' as they leave the safety of their burrow and start feeding for themselves. Staff have decided to nickname the pups Marty and Pellow after the wet,wet,wet summer we have had over the school holidays.

Over in Lemur Land, Tahiry, a 15 week old Ring tailed lemur has been delighting visitors as he develops his climbing skills in the tall oak trees. Never straying too far from his parents, he is very active and always encourages them to play and explore with him.

Walking around the Pet's Farm department, you'll get to meet an Alpaca cria (calf). Stan is 3 weeks old and readily come over to meet the visitors to receive a bit of attention and fuss, he's being looked after by his big brother, Ollie! If you do pop along to see the latest inhabitants to the safari park, please bear in mind that all animals are on a carefully controlled diet, customers are not allowed to feed the animals - human snacks can make them very ill.

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