Vulnerable Vultures

2 December 2014

How your donation is being spent

This is Blair Drummond Safari Park’s most affective fundraising initiative in the history of the park, with all money going to the Hawk Conservancy Trust's - International Vulture Programme.

All credit on the delivery of this conservation concern goes to our awesome bird demonstration team. We initially wanted to raise £2000 to fund a researcher for 6 months, however, the generous visitors of the park helped up to raise an enormous £12,888.21.

This money has gone to help fund:-

1) The African White-backed Vulture project, based at Kimberley in South Africa: For the first time, in 2015, this will project have a researcher working on site. This research will be investigating vulture breeding biology and the causes of nest failure. The fieldwork costs of the researcher will be supported.

2) The Gyps vulture restoration project in Pakistan has two components – conservation breeding and fieldwork. Funds will be used for: a. Running costs for the conservation breeding centre (vulture food, staff at the centre, veterinary costs, etc.) b. Annual field surveys of remaining vulture colonies in Sindh Province (southeast Pakistan) and Azad Kashmir (northeast Pakistan). The first results from the Sindh surveys are in press for publication and will be available to IVP Partners shortly. Off the back of the large amount raised, the safari park also paid for education officer and raptor handler, Dave Warren, to undertake vital field work tagging vulture chicks in South Africa. His report will be available shortly.