Welcome Zulu

19 February 2016

Zulu joins our pride.

Blair Drummond is thrilled to introduce a brand new member to our animal family; say hello to Zulu, our new male African Lion!

Zulu has been part of an organised transfer between the Safari Park and Emmen Zoo in the Netherlands. We welcomed Zulu (9) in the early hours of Friday morning, 19th February. Emmen Zoo will provide a home to our old male, Dudley. Dudley successfully bred with our lionesses during his 5 years here in Scotland (he is dad to both Karis and Libby), but in order to increase the genetic diversity and avoid line breeding within the pride, it is essential to provide new genes!

It is hoped that Zulu will breed with our younger females in the near future. African Lions are listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Increasing diversity in captivity as well as continuing research with both wild and captive populations is therefore essential. This combined with ongoing support of wildlife projects and 'in-situ' conservation will allow us to help safeguard this amazing species from extinction. For now, however, we begin the slow introduction of our new male to our six lionesses – keep checking our website for updates on how Zulu is enjoying his new Scottish home!

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