We've got the cute factor

13 August 2014

Come and see before the schools start!

Just in time before the schools go back, you've got a chance to see some adorable new faces in the safari park. Our newest and youngest residents are 3 baby meerkats who were born in mid July and have just started to venture out of the den. Born blind and bald they have just recently been delighting the crowds as they begin to explore and chase tricky-to-catch crickets around their enclosure, looking very cute in the process.

Also going down a hoot, are the newest members to our flying display team. Ant and Dec, two burrowing owls native to both north and south America. Despite being fully fledged, this double act also show preference to running around the floor and chasing beetles. They are now wowing the audiences under the watchful eye of their career, Laura, who has been responsible for hand rearing the pair from just 12 days old. As cheeky Ant and Dec have become more adventurous, they have have slowly taken over her house with their antics.

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